Frequently asked question on Growthparty

So, What is Growthparty?

Growthparty tries to be the largest online directory of resources and tools to help the new generation of creators find the right tools for their work, startup or side hustle

We want to make Growthparty a clean and fair directory of tools and resource where everyone can express their view on the tool and help others to choose wisely. The ranking of all tools and resources are based on the number of UPVOTES.

How to suggest a resource:

At the top of the homepage and the bottom of each sub-category page, you will find a "Suggest a Resource" button. When clicked, you will get all the information you need to Suggest a new tool.

How can you contribute to Growthparty:

  • Help new users discover the best tools By using the UPVOTE button on tools that you have used and found worthy of trying out.

  • Suggest new resources and help us to build Growthparty into an amazing place to find community-curated resources. (Please recommend those resources that you have already used and found useful).

  • Sharing Growthparty on your social media or blog help us continue our mission to build a larger community.

How to become a part of the Community?

First of all, it would be an honor for us 🎉🎉

  • Be our friend in the social media Twitter Facebook Instagram

  • Sign up for our weekly confetti and get new tools and resource Directly to your inbox

  • Feel free to drop us a message regarding any questions you may have

Is it possible to advertise on Growthparty?

First of all, yes. But, and that is a very big BUT:

  • We will never advertise a tool or resource that we do not think can help our community.

  • We will Never promote a particular tool to the top of the list. Each tool can get upvotes or downvotes. Please contact us to learn more about how to advertise on Growthparty.

Something is F****UP what to do?

Please contact us